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Custody Place Cares about kids!!  Ours, yours, all kids. The Covid-19 virus is taxing the physical limits of patients (many of them children) and professionals holding the line against infection spreading.  

Doctors, nurses, EMTs, police, hazmat crews are working under circumstances that endanger their lives, require isolation protocols around their families and of course untold shifts with often equipment tha is less than they need. 

States and hospital facilities are mandating superhuman efforts from these professionals holding the line.  Yet news sources report this is with zero or lack luster payment for these lifesaving hours (often without pay, hazard pay or even over time) 

These silent hero first responders even face draconian restrictions when they do have limited time to recoup and do it again.

Professionals are forbidden vacation, face mandatory hours, have protocols that forbid them from visiting those dear to them, parents, even their own children.

At the Custody Place we think the best we can help these people and their families with our services is to offer the following free to first and second responders namely, anyone medical, any law enforcement, EMTs, Fire Fighters, Hazmat personnel (and each and every member of their family)  is as follows:

  • Wills
  • Medical powers of atty
  • Advance directives and papers that let someone who is at work eg (a single mom) have a paper where someone else like friend or relative can seek treatment if she’s unreachable

The Custody Place is giving back the best we can.  We will provide those above with free medical and general powers of attorney over kids and the elderly, any assistance with insurance documents, informed consent form and we will create or update wills for the silent heroes.

While we have confidence, we will pull through this time, peace of mind is the best medicine Custody Place can provide.  Call us 24/7 if you can’t come in we can do this by phone or our new teleportals like Zoom and Skype.

Tell us what you do, no one will be turned away. We care about kids and the people we are offering help to our parents, grandparents and by extension help our Frederick County kids.  If we can be of help please email your name, occupation, condition if you are sick or elderly, the names of the kids we are helping and a phone number. We will call at a designated time or break or leave when you can talk to us.  We can review, revise or create necessary documents and we have a free notary on staff.

At The Custody Place we care about kids, and this community.  Tim Conlon, Esq.

Tim Conlon, Esquire for The Custody Place

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