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Uninsured Medical Expenses For Child Support in Frederick Maryland

Parents are responsible for medical expenses on a percentage basis as calculated in the Maryland Child Support Guidelines.

When Frederick, Maryland divorce and custody lawyers are confronted with extraordinary medical expenses and/or uninsured medical expenses for a child, they consult the Maryland Annotated Code at Section 12-201(g)(2).

Section G of the Maryland Child Support Guidelines

Extraordinary Medical Expenses, are defined as uninsured medical expenses over $100 for a single illness or condition.  When these expenses are incurred the parents are responsible to pay them on a pro-rata basis as such as other factors described in previous articles: “What are the Maryland Child Support Guidelines?” and “How to Apply the Maryland Child Support Guidelines.” .

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Thus for example if mother earns $2000 per month and father earns $1000 per month, the mother would pay 2/3rds of the “Extraordinary Medical Expenses.”   Or if the provider will not permit separate payment, she would reimburse father for 2/3rds of the expense.  For those parents who sadly have no insurance the Guidelines would factor in all expenses over $100.  More commonly, the issue is copays and deductibles.

Generally an experienced attorney can plan for these possibilities and he/she will typically include a proviso whereby the parent who pays the uninsured medical expense will be reimbursed by a specified date.  If the parent fails to reimburse he/she runs the risk of being in contempt of court.  Such an unenviable situation may place the breaching parent with penalties similar to those for parents who pay no support at all.

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