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There are a number of visitation and custody of child options available to children and parents who have been legally separated. Let The Custody Place help you evaluate and choose from among the numerous alternatives recognized by our court system.

Whether separated for reasons of abuse or merely because of divorce – whatever the reason for separation, in most cases, there is still a way to for parent and child to see each other and spend time together.

The Most Common Forms Of Visitation and Visitation Arrangements Include:

  • Supervised visitation – The parent and child are accompanied by a court-appointed observer to guard against any physical and / or verbal abuse
  • Supervised exchange – The child is brought to a place where the parents can exchange custody without the parents having to see each other
  • Evaluation-based visitation – The parent and child interaction is observed discreetly ( such as, through a 2-way mirror ) to evaluate the nature of the parent / child relationship and any risk of abuse

Other Custody Place Services Include:

  • Highly experienced litigation capabilities – Sliding scale fees, discounts and payment plans available. Credit cards accepted
  • Mediation expertise – Choose your mediator well. Don’t let the court appoint just anyone! We respect your child’s wishes while keeping their best interests at the forefront.

Resources that include experienced professionals to identify and evaluate child abuse, and get the proof you need to stop it in its tracks.

We have been serving Washington, Montgomery and Frederick counties for more than 16 years, including Urbana, Gaithersburg, Boonsboro, Walkersville, Thurmont, and Rockville.


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