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Our mission
Nothing matches the fear and anguish of a dispute regarding children.  Let us help you obtain the peace of mind that only professionals in the field can provide.  Why trust your children to anyone less??

Our professionals have assisted parents in Washington, Frederick and Montgomery Counties for over 15 years.  Fees and discounts are available on a sliding scale.  Payment  plans are available and credit cards are accepted.  We CARE about the lives of children!!

Child abuse
Experienced professionals in stopping child abuse our staff can get the proof you need to stop child abuse in its tracks.  It’s open season on abuse and neglect of children.  Don’t delay!!

The jury is back on child abduction, 80% of all missing and abducted children were removed by a parent or other relative.  These silent sons and daughters are not the subject of FBI manhunts or TV specials, they are real and its happening in YOUR school and on YOUR block.

We are registered with the United States Department of State and the Center for Missing and abducted children for interstate and international parental and family abduction.  We have retrieved children from twenty different states and over a half dozen foreign countries.

Working out disputes is the best possible solution.  Our skilled mediators can offer the expertise and respect that your children’s interest demands.  No case is too hard!!  Mediation is required in EVERY case.  You can pick a distinguished experienced attorney mediator at a low price through us or you get dealt a hand by the Court at a mandated price.  You would shop for a purse, a television or even a dishwasher.
Shop for your custody mediator and call us.Alcohol and substance abuse
Are you worried about your children being exposed and have no answers?  Are you wrongfully accused and stigmatized for past conduct or just sheer flights of fancy?  Our professional counselors can get to the bottom with records, tests, urinalysis and breathe analysis.  What’s more, we can back it up in Court with expert witnesses and investigators.  If you use, you lose!
Visitation alternatives
There is no reason for a parent to miss out on visitation in his or her child’s life.  The court recognizes a vast array of visitation alternatives call now!


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